Story Care

Listening reverently to the stories of others and attending to our own life stories are expressions of care.


Story Care is a practice through which we discern the movement the Holy in our own stories and the stories of others. Learning to read life stories more closely, discerning which stories foster the flourishing God intends and which don’t, is the beginning of Story Care.  Having the courage to revise and reinterpret life stories in ways which foster growth is love is part of the ongoing practice of Story Care.

I invite you to practice the art of Story Care through the resources you will find here.

♦ My books on caring for self and others through tending life stories.

♦ Blogposts, in which I share my own stories and invite your reflections.

♦ Resources on Writing as a Spiritual Practice to help you connect your story to the Divine story.

♦ Writing Prompts to spur your imagination.